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The Best Wine Tastings in Ubud: A Guide to the Top Vineyards and Wineries

Ubud winetasting best places

Bali is not a region that is frequently connected with wine production despite being renowned for its beautiful beaches and dynamic culture. However, Bali has a lot of wineries and vineyards, and Ubud, which is in the island's highlands, is a great location to learn about the wine culture there. Here are a few of Ubud's top wine sampling events.

Sababay Winery

One of Bali’s most well-known vineyards, Sababay Winery is situated in Gianyar, a small town outside of Ubud. A variety of wines, including sparkling, white, red, and rosé, are produced by the vineyard. The winery and vineyard are open for tours, and in the tasting area, guests can savor some of Sababay’s acclaimed wines. The winery also provides a variety of choices for food and wine pairings, making it a fantastic destination for both foodies and wine lovers.

Hatten Wines

Another well-known winery in Bali is Hatten Wines, which is renowned for the variety of native grape-based wines it produces. Sanur, which is close to Ubud, is where the vineyard is situated. Visitors are welcome to visit the winery and vineyard and taste some of Hatten’s distinctive wines, which are produced using conventional winemaking methods from Bali. The winery also provides a variety of choices for food and wine pairings, making it a fantastic day trip destination.

Plaga Wine

Although Plaga Wine is a newcomer to Bali’s wine landscape, it has already established a solid reputation for producing top-notch wines. The winery’s handy location in the center of Ubud makes it an ideal choice for tourists who want to learn more about the island’s wine tradition without leaving the city. Red, white, and rosé wines are among the varieties made by Plaga Wine, and guests can taste them in the winery’s tasting area.

Other Wine Tasting Options in Ubud

There are numerous other wine sampling venues in Ubud besides the ones already mentioned. The greatest examples include:

  • Casa Luna Bali, which presents frequent wine events and provides a variety of Indonesian wineries
  • Wine tastings and pairing dinners are available at Bridges Bali, a restaurant with a sizable wine selection.
  • An impressive wine selection with both domestic and imported wines is available at the nearby Apéritif Restaurant & Bar.


While Ubud is a wonderful place to start exploring Bali’s growing wine culture, the island may not be the first place that comes to mind when considering wine vacation spots. A wine tasting in Ubud is unquestionably something you should include on your Bali schedule, whether you are an experienced wine enthusiast or are simply looking for a novel experience.